Pre-School Karate Kids

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts is a place where Pre-school kids grow their self confidence and can come to learn martial arts in a safe and stress free environment designed for ...

Karate for Kids

Karate for Kids classes at Wright’s ATA Martial Arts, in Memphis are a great way to instill integrity, courtesy and respect with children in the local 5101 Sanderlin Ave, Suite ...

Adult Martial Arts

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts classes utilize a top level team of Instructors, under the supervision and guidance of Martial Arts Instructor, Thomas Wright. They have designed, incorporated and tested a ...


3 Ways That Martial Arts Can Enhance Your Life Skills

Wright’s ATA Martial Arts operates one of the country’s top rated Taekwondo ...

Engaging In Martial Arts To Combat Childhood Obesity

This article details the problems of childhood obesity and presents martial arts ...

How Karate For Kids Teaches Discipline

This article is about how the Karate for Kids program can help ...

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How Martial Arts Improve Social Skills Part 1

Contrary to popular belief, karate has less to do with fighting and more to do with the improvement of mind, body, and spirit. Learning a martial art can develop social and interpersonal skills in surprising ways. There is a longstanding and deeply rooted misconception about the martial arts. Many believe the training is all about […]

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Martial Arts Benefit Pre-Schoolers too! Part 2

Parents appreciate the improved fitness, attention, and good behavior that result from their preschoolers’ martial arts training. They like that the environment is positive, safe, and supervised by professionals. And they often make friends with other parents, as their children make friends with others their age. These relationships are often very beneficial for all involved, […]

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Upgrade Your Self with Action

As the week goes on I feel the temptation to hit the snooze one more time.  A few minutes longer.  No matter how much I love what I do, I too, get tired.  How do I beat that?  I’ll tell you how.  First, I tell myself that I must “Take Action Now”.  Then I remind […]

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